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AUGUST 15, 2022


by Aurore Dumaine

The number of nursing specific bralettes out there is pretty limited and many of them, while functional, are not attractive. You can convert most bralette patterns to be nursing friendly with just a few steps. For this bralette, I used the Darcey Bralette from Evie la Luve, but there are many different patterns that could be used.

First off, you will need extra strap elastic and nursing clips with your regular bra/bralette fabric and notions. For this bralette, I used the Purple Floral Bralette Kit which includes all of the supplies needed for a regular bralette.

You will first assemble your pattern up to when the bottom band elastic is attached. The sides of your cups shouldn't be finished yet (fold over elastic or picot elastic not attached yet).

Measure in around 1 ½ inch from your side seam. Depending on your cup depth, you might prefer for the sling elastic to be closer to the center of your cup, in which case you can measure in farther. Make sure you measure the same distance on each side!

Measure from the point you just marked to the top of your bra cup where the nursing clip will be attached later. You will cut your strap elastic that length, if you want the sling to be stretched slightly when wearing your bralette cut a bit shorter. Don't forget you'll attach that part to the nursing clip so you will be losing some length there.

Attach your bra elastic to the bra band so that the plush side is facing the right side of your cup lining.

Fold the bra band and topstitch per your pattern instructions.

Before you attach the nursing clips, you will finish the sides of your cup per pattern instructions. Mine are finished with fold over elastic, but some patterns use a picot elastic. You have to make sure that the width of the finished portion can go trough the nursing clip part without the little hook. If it's too large trim the sides before you add your elastic trim.

Now attach the nursing clip with a hook so the hook faces the inside of the cup. The plush side of the strap will be folded inside the clip opening, as shown above.

When both parts of the clips are attached they should look like this.

Attach your straps per the pattern instructions, but don't attach the front part yet.

You will attach the front of the strap to the top portion of the hook part of the nursing clip. It will attach in continuity with the sling inside the bralette we sewed earlier.

This is how it should look when the cup is clipped on.

This is how the inside of the cup should look.

The outside of the bralette.

Congratulations! You've now hacked your regular bralette pattern into a nursing one. No more wearing white/black and nude boring nursing bras! Enjoy making some pretty bralettes. There's some bralette kits already made or you can pick and choose all your fabric and findings for a custom kit.