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DECEMBER 6, 2021


by Britney

Hello there Stitch Happens family! My name is Britney, I am a member of the Stitch Happens sewing team and I live where the wind hurts my face up in Northern Ontario, Canada. Now let me tell you, if there are two things that I love to sew, it’s all the makes that keep me warm and cozy and all the makes that use up my odd bits of fabric. So if you are looking for some serious soul food sewing or some great scrapbuster ideas, then you are in the right place! 

Snuggle Up with cardigans

Cardigans are like great big warm hugs and it seems that the trend is going towards wonderfully oversized cardigans. I sewed up the Cuddle Cardigan by Misusu and I like it because of its unique back neckline and colour-blocking potential. So while this isn’t a scrapbuster per say, you do have the opportunity to use up some smaller bits of fabric.

This is the confetti french terry base that is currently in stock. It has the perfect weight and feel for a cozy cardigan. I love this fabric specifically because of the versatility of the colour palette. This cream colour is a neutral and it will go with most of the items currently in my closet, but I get the added visual interest of the colour flocking to make certain colours “POP”.

Other great fabric options include...

Tie dye cotton french terry (so many fun colour options)
Bamboo stretch french terry (for a little more drape)
Crushed Velvet (because it’s so very extra)

Other great patterns include...

Big Effing Cardigan by Wonderful Sews (for a size-inclusive, stylish look)
Harper by Sinclair (a great basic for the wardrobe and free pattern)

Keeping my feet snuggled

I get home from work. I start dinner. I put my slipper booties on… and not always in that order.

Slipper booties might have been one of the first items that I learned to sew and it’s not by accident that I keep going back to making them. These are the Wrap Booties from Menta Sewing Patterns and they are hands down my favourite bootie pattern. They have great gifting potential with the holidays coming up, they are a quick sew and they can be made with so many beautiful bases. The wonderful owner of Menta Sewing Patterns is offering 20% off the Wrap Booties pattern for our lovely readers that would like to try out this delightful pattern using the code SHSNUGGLEUP. The pattern comes in 3 size groupings, with very written-instructions, lots of pictures and great ideas to make them your own.